On Multitasking, Task Switching, and overloading

On Multitasking, Task Switching, and overloading
Multitasking is doing more harm than good to your work.

I just read a great article on Hacker News this morning concerning the role of "DevOps", and its abuse. I thought the point was very convincing.


In summation there were a couple of things I walked away with.


Task-switching is cognitively expensive.

Only do it when you have to. In the end it's good to consider that as part of the equasion when you are gauging how effective your time is being spent.


Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

The more time we spend diversifing the less time we spend mastering one thing. The latter is generally preferrble as it helps to to build the deep connections that are truely helpful in the long run.

Food for thought.