The waves of change are not always what we expect. Sometimes those waves lap listlessly at the shores of time, slowly eroding and changing the shape of that shoreline in ways hardly visible to the naked eye. Eventually, those small persistent forces induce a reaction, sometimes big, other times small, exactly symmetrical to those forces which shaped it. The change happens but because of it's gradual nature, we accept it more readily.

Other times the waves crash against our current existence like a tsunami. Destructive and brutish they overwhelm, pushing anything aside that dare resist them. The forces are a crude bludgeoning. Unwarranted. Unasked for. The destruction they leave in their wake is chaotic. The change is jarring. It tears at the foundations of our existence.

I openly wonder about the future, for the change that is happening now influences the future in ways we cannot yet understand.

Will we ever return to normal or is normal just a construct of comfort?